For those recently diagnosed....

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There is hope. I was diagnosed last February, had surgeries in March and October, and am currently on the path to recovery. One thing I learned: Cancer is not a "ME" disease, but a "WE" proposition. WE CAN ALL HELP EACH OTHER.

I detailed my journey in this 10 minute read. I hope this helps YOU, whether you are a patient or a caregiver, as you continue the fight.


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    glad to hear your doing fine

    i had the resection done in November. was too do chemo but we are going for surgery first I'm so confused at which too do and the come out. my oncologist recommended ileal conduct.

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    Sorry for the delayed response. (edited by CSN team). I don't know much about the ideal conduit, but I would definitely get multiple opinions on which direction to go. One thing I found out, which was by trial and error, was that my surgeon really knew what he was talking about. If he said that it would be a three month recovery, he was spot on. As I said in the paper, I thought I could be the one who proved the surgeon wrong, recovery time. If they asked me to do something 3 times, I did it six, in the hopes of accelerating my recovery. This happened with everything I did.....the surgeon was absolutely right and I was wrong. LISTEN TO THE SURGEON. That being said, don't be afraid to get second and third opinions. When I was diagnosed, I didn't really have the time to seek other opinions, as my cancer was very aggressive and moving fast. We only had time to make quick decisions. Listen to what you surgeon says, they usually know what they are talking about. Also, in the hopes of providing you another forum from which to gather research, there is the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, which has forums as well as a treasure trove of information. The site is Give that site a shot as well. I am here if you have any questions and my sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you!! Best, Chris