What type of dr for ovarian surgery

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Hi I see a lot of confusing stories . I am waiting on my ultrasound reading from my dr did the test on Friday morning results and imaging is in imaging website. Images show highlights in blue and red areas in some of the images. Again like most of you my brain is not letting me relax. My left ovary has a 9 cm complex ovarian cystic mass . Where do I go next? These Obgyn drs are getting to me. If you know that patient is going crazy why do they take forever to read the report. Is the oncologist the starting point? A lot of you are going through 2 or more partial surgeries like they don’t want to take out the whole thing and the medication before surgery to shrink the mass? I just don’t see why the whole thing is not taken out especially for those of us over 50. We are not having children so why take it out ? I just feel like a time bomb waiting for these drs to figure things


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    hey not ready, waiting is definitely the hardest part. I guess a cyst can be several things and while not necessarily cancer, there are tests that may indicate more one way than another. While not always the best indicator, a CA125 test - which is just a blood draw - can indicate something might not be right.

    Ask if you should be working with a gynecologic oncologist. It is a gynecologist who has taken addition training to deal with cancer of this area. If there is any suspect, this is who you want to work with.

    Unfortunately, you have to be your own advocate so take notes and ask questions. If you need support, see if someone can come with you and do that for you as well.

    Good luck and please let us know how it goes. Believe it or not, it will probably help others who come here seeking answers.

    Hugs dear one