Right Hilar Mass

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Hi there! I am new to this as I just had a CT scan with contrast completed and the following was sent :

  1. 1.2 cm right lower lobe pulmonary nodule with additional 2.2 cm right hilar mass versus adenopathy. Findings are concerning for neoplasm.
  2. Bronchial wall thickening with bronchiectasis. Findings suggest underlying reactive airway disease such as bronchitis.

I am just wondering if someone has had this exact thing or not and if you could fill me in on your outcome?

Thank you so much in advance!


  • CB_survivor13
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    How are you doing?

    I had a much larger mass-6.4cm and hilar lymph node and sub aorta node that had metastasized. My left lung and 29 lymph nodes were removed in May and I am doing well. Each person is a little different, but I will be happy to share anything.

  • CB_survivor13
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    PS. I currently walk about 2 miles daily and no one would ever believe my journey since February 18, 2021.