Rising ca125 recurrence?

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My mom diagnosed with high grade serous ovarian cancer stage 3c in October 2021 and went through neoadjuvant chemo and surgery. Her ca125 levels are now at 30 compared to 5 three months back. Should we be concerned about relapse?


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    soundsaroja, as you know, the CA125 is only a marker and it sometime is elevated because of an infection, but best to reach out to the doctor's office and see what they think.

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    Apologies for delay, it was indeed a recurrence as she has trouble eating and found to have malignant ascites after the fluid was examined. She took six more rounds of avastin treatment until July and her subsequent CA125 measured in October was 13 but yesterday it climbed to 30. Though she has no symptoms and going on with her usual life, I am a bit concerned about rising CA125 levels even under normal range.. Do they usually start treating or go for imaging etc only when symptoms start?

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    Saroja, My mom was diagnosed with same Oca 3c . She got a recurrence in 6 monts and took 5 cycle of chemo and found that she bacame resistant to tat drug as well when her CA 125 level raised and she is having issues with bowel movements and stomch pains now . Doctors are advising chemo again and we are going for it again without any other choice to at least relieve her cycle. Seems like a never ending thing. But this time I am trying to supplement the treatment with Graviola /soursop as some people are vouching for it. I am from Coimbatore, just incase you need any help.