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Hi, everyone. My 41-year old husband is scheduled to have a robotic APR on Nov 9th after being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer on Xmas of last year (he was later “downgraded” to Stage III after the liver mets were discovered to be hemangiomas). I’m looking for any info on what the surgery and recovery were like for you. He already had a colostomy placed and will be keeping it for life, probably, so that’s not an issue. Thank you and I wish you all well.


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    Will surgery be robotic or open? Big difference.

    Cimetidne (tagamet) before and after surgery has shown results to reduce cancer escape.

    Mine was open.

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    Thank you so much for getting back to me. His surgery will be robotic. I understand it’s going to be much different from the one you had, but what was your recovery like? Did you feel a lot of pain? Did you have to be on bed rest for a long time? I will discuss about cimetidine with his doctor, thank you for the suggestion. I’m concerned about the period after surgery, because I’m already the sole caretaker of my older brother with special needs, who lives with us, so I’m wondering whether I’ll be needing additional help or not. Any additional input will be appreciated. Thank you and I hope you are staying healthy!

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    Most ;ikely your surgeon isn't going to know a darn thing about tagamet :) Research the benefits.

    I had no complications at all. I was up walking within 24hrs of surgery and continued to walk outside when I got home. Took pain meds the first week after surgery then didn't need it. The biggest thing was the jp drains for me. Aggravating to say the least. I actually watched my type of surgery thru SAGE. I don't like suprises at all so had to know what was going to happen before and during.

    I would also suggest vitamin C for wound healing and inflammation control. Of course your surgeon probably won't know anything about that either.

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    I had a robotic LAR in the spring of 2017. I also had a liver resection an abalation during the same operative setting. As I recall it was a very long surgery perhaps eight hours. The pain was the worst on the first two days postop. I stayed in bed on day one by day two I was up and around. I was discharged after the third day. I recovered well at home and was driving myself around after two weeks. I think the thing that helped me the most was just getting up and forcing myself to move as much as possible. I wish your husband well and I hope this takes care of his cancer forever.