Metastatic bone disease and stage four breast cancer

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Good evening All,D

Does anyone have an input into metastatic bone disease (diagnosed in May) and breast cancer (diagnosed in June)? It's a lot of info all at once. Any key question or points you can recommend?


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    I don't much to offer since I am new to this forum but I want you to know that I feel so sorry for what you must be experiencing and hope that you have lots of support from your treatment team, family and friends. I went through a time of fear and sleepless nights after getting my diagnosis. I will be thinking of you and others fighting this disease as I am. Sending love and prayers!

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    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your support. I wish you the best as well. Stay positive and be involved in something you enjoy. I find that helps me on my down days.

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    Thank you so much!

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    I too am newly exhausted with metastatic breast cancer/bone cancer. I have been on verzinio and letrazole x 6 weeks. Really fatigued with intermittent nausea and rib pain. Hot flashes esp at night have been bad. Just started Effexor to try and control the hot flashes.

    Just curious what treatment regime your oncologist has you on.