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Hi. I’m a member of the kidney cancer board, but I’m here for my wife, age 70. Her recent mammogram showed a 5mm area of breast calcifications requiring an ultrasound. That was done yesterday and the result was a need for a biopsy. Needless to say, despite the doctor saying that most are benign, she’s rather upset. I’m here to get any information I can from those of you who have experienced this, as I know from my own kidney cancer experience what happens when you search Dr. Google.


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    In my case , calcifications were detected and a biopsy performed. The biopsy diagnosed me with DCIS. Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. That means the cancer is "in place" and does not have the ability to spread. Some health professionals refer to it as a non-invasive cancer and some call it a pre-cancer. My treatment was a lumpectomy followed by radiation. Prognosis is excellent for DCIS. Hope you wife's calcifications are benign instead of DCIS. But if she is diagnosed with DCIS, her prognosis is still excellent. My doctor said she sees no reason I should ever have to go through this again.

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    Thank you cat. After 11 calls and two messages, we were finally able to schedule the biopsy.

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    I was diagnosed with LCIS - Lobular Carcinoma In-Situ, (via mammogram showing calcification, and a stereotactic biopsy) had my first oncology appointment today. My surgical oncologist calls it a pre-cancer…warning sign, which is good. Things may have bern caught early. I have to have a bilateral breast MRI before my surgical biopsy to further determine there isn’t anything going on. I’m basically in limbo. My doc said only a small percentage of people are discovered with cancer. So my advice, be prepared to be patient as you wait for an answer. Keep busy with lots of things that interest you and makes you happy. I wish your wife well.

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    My wife had a six month scan today. She was asked to wait for the scans to be reviewed. Result… evidence of cancer found and she’s back on a yearly schedule. Whew.