Any input would help

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Hi Guys! I had testicular cancer with left testicle removed followed by 3 rounds of chemotherapy and removal of lymph nodes in kidney, lung and neck areas. 

Did anyone as well had lymph nodes from neck removed?

All this was 5 years ago. Now I am 40 and I went for check up today and ultrasound showed 3 to 5 small dark spots, like smudges in right testicle, which were not there 6 months ago?

I should go for check up again in 2 weeks.

I feel good now, so I don't get it.

Doctor says it does not look usual, could be anything but cancer as well so if it will be there in 2 weeks they will have to remove the testicle, I am one month in new job now so I am really afraid as last time I was on sick leave for 9 months ..

What do you think?

Thank you! 🙂