Mosquito bite reaction after chemo

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Does anyone out there have allergic reactions to mosquito bites after chemo. Mine are horrible. What do you do for relief? 


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    Good Morning. :)  First, Always ask your doctor or nurse if possible. Due to your circumstances...they will (or should) call you back right away.  I feel the best topical is Cortizone. I had to deal with a lot of weird reactions, mostly rash type to chemo.

    I hope you find a quick solution that works. You are going through enough. 


  • donnagbeck
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    Three years after chemo, I am still reacting horribly to mosquito and gnat bites. My immune system is still hyper sensitive. Nothing seems to help me except huge amounts of bug spray, which I hate. Welts stay for several days.

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    you could try taking Vitamin B because apparently what your body doesn't use it excretes some out via your skin and mosquitos hate the taste so don't bite as much. I tried this years ago when going to a tropical country that had huge mosquitos and I got hardly any bites while my friend who didn't take Vitamin B got heaps of bites. check with your doctor first though

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    May I ask what kind of reaction you get when bitten by mosquito/gnat?

  • donnagbeck
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    Welts that itch badly. If I scratch them without thinking, they sometimes get filled with pus and scab over. They look horrible. I try hard not to scratch, but they still welt up.

  • emdaniels
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    Same! The same thing is happening to me. I get large welts that itch constantly!

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    I hope that you aren't dealing with this anymore. However I was glad to see your post. I am now a mosquito magnet! I'm getting blisters that burn and itch and last waay too long. I'm practically bathing in bug spray!