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Hey all. I’m new here. I’ve found a lot of helpful information but I haven’t come across what I’m looking for.

Today will be my 1/2 way point (treatment 15 of 30) and the burn I have is almost unbearable at times. And this weekend I began the dreaded diarrhea. So I’m trying to figure out the right diet to help with that, but I’m wondering what you all have found to help with the burn and itch! I have a hard time falling asleep at night due to it and have been woke up due to the itch in that region.

I have gotten some barrier wipes, have been using Vaseline, tried preparation H…anything you’ve all tried that works? I was also given an Rx (gabapentin) to take before bed and it doesn’t seem to be doing much.

Any ideas that I can try so I can get through the next 3 weeks?!?



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    Nearly Finished. Hang in there...

    I didn't have any itching but I did burn so this is what I found helpful:

    I used an aqueous cream on my skin a few times a day for protection but be sure none is on your skin before radiation and use afterwards as long as the skin is not broken. I was prescribed, by my oncologist, solosite wound gel, duoderm wound gel, Lignocaine 2% Gel numbing gel (fantastic ). I did salt baths but make sure your skin dries afterwards. you can use a hairdryer on low and cool settings. While my skin was very sore hardly any broke open which i think was due to using these gels and creams. also wipe after a bowel motion by using sopping wet cotton wool instead of toilet paper. fill a plastic pump bottle with water and squirt it on yourself while you pee if that hurts. use the numbing gel before and after a bowel motion. i was told not to use baby wipes because even the fragrance free ones have chemicals in them that can cause an infection.

    i took loperamide 2mg capsules to help with diarrhoea. at one stage i was advised to take 2 every morning . i still take them if i need them. i have found it is best to take them straight away to get on top of diarrhoea .

    Below are the diet sheets I was given when I was having treatment and links to the gels etc are at the bottom of the page.

    I hope this is helpful for you.

    Good luck for your last 3 weeks

    Take care


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    Hi! My hospital's radiation department gave me a cream that had calendula in it along with some kind of numbing agent. In addition, they recommended Aquaphor which I used by the bucket and both of those really helped calm the radiation burn. Just remember, don't put it on before you go in for radiation, wait until afterwards, and then use it on every part of that area after you use the toilet. Every single time. It's tedious, but it worked well for me so I hope it does for you.