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My mother was diagnosed with vaginal cancer last year on September 20, 2019, 1 day after her 64th birthday.  After lots of radiation, mild chemo, and abrassive internal radiation, she got a clear PET scan in Spring of 2020.  During this entire time, we lost my father unexpectedly.  It's taken a tole on my mother but I think his medical issues and living our lives back and forth between hospital, home, and treatments, allowed her to fight strong.  However, she began feeling stomach pains in July and went to a GI doctor.  They did a CT Scan, found a mass-which brought us to the Radiologist again, and they did another PET Scan.  It seems that now the vaginal cancer has returned and has spread to her lungs.  That quickly, in a short amount of time. 

We got the diagnosis on Tuesday that it is Stage 4.  We're all in a bit of a shock and honestly, freaking out.  She has not yet begun chemo treatments, but I'm looking for anyone to speak to that is living with or has a family member living with Stage 4 cancer.  We just need to gain some insight and I figured what better place to look than here.  

I hope to hear from someone. 

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    This board can be quiet at times. If you don't get enough support here, I encourage you to visit the Uterine board. There are several women there with Stage IV cancer, some of who are dealing with recurrences in the lungs (a not uncommon site for a recurrence). Often the same types of chemo are used to treat the various types of gynecological cancers and recurrences, so we may be able to offer advice on what to expect and how to deal with side effects, based on our experiences.

    It's always discouraging when recurrences occur so soon after initial treatment, but there are other treatments to try. Different women may respond to different treatments. My own mother struggled with advanced cervical cancer for several years, trying a number of different chemo drugs and having multiple surgeries. Finally, a different oncologist wanted her to try a newly approved chemo drug. This treatment put her in remission for the remainder of her life. When she passed away several years later from other complications, she was still cancer free.

    I'm sorry that your mother and you are having to deal with this complication so soon after the death of your father.

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    Hi Kelley,

    I am receiving immunotherapy from recurring vaginal cancer after 2019 diagnosis. I've gone through chemo, internal and external radiation, total pelvic exenteration and now immunotherapy. I wish your mom all the best! Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way.