Eligard 6 mo vs 1yr

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Had my Prostratectomy on January 12, 2022. Then had approx 26 radiation treatments starting in July along with a 6 month Eligard shot to lower/stop testosterone. PSA was undetectable about December. The Radiologist said my shot should wear off in a couple months Now a Physician’s Assistant is indicating I need another 6 month shot. I’ve started light weight lifting to naturally increase testosterone. Does anyone know of any studies indicating that the 1 year testosterone deprivation is better than a 6 month deprivation?


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    The intent of ADT in your treatment is to improve the effects of the RT (found to increase the benefits by 15%). For such reason in combination therapies of RT + ADT, the administration of the ADT drugs starts two months previous to RT and the hormonal effect are to be maintained during six months which is the life cycle period of prostate cells.

    In my lay opinion 6 months ADT should be enough but doctors tend to extend this period in high risk cases with Gleason rates of 4 and 5 that can last two years.

    I am not aware that ADT manages to extend free biochemical periods in administration protocols longer than one year. In your shoes I would inquire your prime doctor.


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    Thanks VGama, between u and Old Salt, you guys always have incredible knowledge. I can only imagine the journey you guys have experienced to gain these insights. Best wishes

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    Couldn’t agree more about VGama & Old Salt. Grateful for their knowledge & their ongoing willingness to share it!

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    Actually, Vasco is in a league of his own.

    I am still in the minor leagues, hoping for a chance to move up, but my batting average is too low.

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