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Hi everyone

My name is Alicia. I am 32 years old. Mid May I began with a mild pain on my back and stomach it slowly starting getting worse to the point where my stomach was huge and with a lot a pain. My pain was so horrible that I asked the Lord to take me out of this world. I would cry every night due to the pain and the hospital will just give me pain medication. On June 2021 I found out I had stage 4A high-grade serous ovarian cancer. This news was horrible to hear for my family, my husband and myself. My doctor explain to me my treatment plan and I told him that I just want the pain to go away. I have had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and a full hysterectomy. I do not have children and it’s devastating to know that i will not be able to in the future. However I feel blessed to be alive. The chemotherapy has helped me so much with the pain and thankfully I did not get major side effects with the chemo. On January 6th i have a follow up with my doctor and praying for the best. Ladies I want you all to know that although I am unsure how my CA-125 is right now I feel good and I am praying that God is going to heal me. Never lose hope ladies. Even though I cant have children I am blessed to be alive and I know there is always the option to adopt. Ive learned the power of prayer and I know that God can do all. I thank you all for taking the time to read my story and I’ll pray for healing. God Bless :)


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    Would you mind sharing what chemo drugs you were given? I'm fighting vaginal cancer (but it is a cancer usually found in the ovaries). I'm starting a second round of chemo with doxil and avastin. Thanks!

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    Hello :)

    i had three rounds of Carboplatin (Paraplatin) and Paciltaxel (Taxol) and then i had surgery, a hysterectomy, where my uterus, and ovaries removed and then three more rounds of chemo. It was rough but I got through it. Stay strong you got this!!

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    How are you now?

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    Thankfully i have completed by chemotherapy. I recently had surgery again (laparoscopic surgery) so the doctor can take a second look to make sure all the cancer is gone. I am also starting to take this medication (Lynparza). I need to take it for 2 years to assure the cancer does not come back. I also have follow up appointments with my oncologist every three months to monitor me. I can honestly say I feel so blessed to have found this doctor. Compared to all the pain I had last year when I first found out I had cancer i feel Amazing right now. My CA-125 was at 4099 and now I am at 6.7. I am so thankful i am alive and I thank God every day for giving me my life again.

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    Take care and stay strong!