Continued Fatigue 20 Months Post

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Hi! New here. Most side effects have subsided and I've adjusted to my new normal. I'm trying to regain fitness and thought I'd be there by now. I still get run down pretty easy and my endurance is lacking. I have CT etc coming up but so far all is well otherwise. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it part of the new normal? I'm grateful to be well but wishing to enjoy the activities I did before. Thanks for sharing!


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    I still remember the look on my oncologists face when I demanded, at my 6 week check up after treatment, why I wasn't feeling better yet?

    He murmured 'it's very early days' & he was right, it takes ages to 'come right' and even now, 6 years later, I still find I can get fatigued easily.

    Just take it slowly getting back to your new normal, following what your body wants as a guide, some days it will feel like it was all a bad dream and others you will feel like it's still happening but even if it is 3 steps forward and 2 steps back at least you know you are still going forward even if it's slower than you would like.

    Also when I was really run down after treatment and catching colds all the time my oncologists suggested having vitamin c in liquid form as it gets into your system quicker than tablet form which I found helped.

    Good luck, Take care, it's been a big fight for your body so it will take longer than you want but ask your doctors too if they feel you are heading in the right direction and about the vit C

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    I think some days I know this and some days I just want it all to be gone. I'm working on giving myself a break when I'm wiped out instead of being frustrated and scared of being sick again. I will check into vitamin C. Thanks! :-)