Need encouragement from Chemical Castration

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Age 63 January 2021 prostrate removed sex 4-5 times per week prior. Got erections and orgasms within a week. Good news.

bad news, it spread to lymph nodes

July 2021 started radiation and Hormone Deprivation (chemically castrated) 6 month shot

December 2021 and with 10-20 mg of Tadalafil, occasionally can get a marginally useful erection but have to orgasm by hand. My wife and I use the tadalafil about every other week due to low libido and no testosterone.

How long does it take for the Hormone deprivation to wear off? Do you think my libido and erections will get better? Are there long term side effects from radiation to still experience? Hoping for encouragement


  • Old Salt
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    I think that your issue will get better.

    As of today, hormone deprivation is still active, but your six-month shot should start to 'wash out' soon. How soon your testosterone will recover depends on many (!) factors. Your age is an advantage; hopefully a normal level will be reached in another six months from now.

    If you want to stay on top, you should ask your doc to write a prescription for a testosterone test in due time.

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    Welcome to the board.

    I believe you will recover the libido soon while recuperating from hypogonadism but natural erections may now be more difficult to achieve as the low testosterone is not the only culprit causing ED.

    The Radiation therapy, though intended to cover the lymph nodes, it is also delivered to cover the whole prostate bed which can affect the localized blood vessels supplying blood to the penis. Cialis wouldn't work well if blood cannot reach fully the cavernous area. You need keeping massaging your balls and masturbating to try forcing a local natural recovery of the blood vessels.

    You need to continue that sex intent (mindfully and physically) as you did in January after RP. Your previous status never recuperate 100 percent.

    As Old Salt comments above, you better follow the issue with periodical testosterone tests pairing them with the PSA tests every three months.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks people. I will take the advice regarding testosterone testing with psa tests. I hope the shot does wear off asap. Still concerned that I read radiation side effects can show up in time. I know alcohol is generally bad for me, but I do enjoy scotch. Thoughts on that?

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    Scotch is fine, as long as you drink good scotch:)

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    Had my prostrate removed last year, then radiation and hormone deprivation.

    PSA test 12/9/21 was 0.014

    PSA Test 2/14/22 was 0.014

    PSA Test 5/9/22 was 0.014

    PSA test 11/17/22 was 0.031 more than doubled in 6 months

    Next appointment with the Urologist is Jan 20 2023.

    How concerned should I be? Really did not like the ADT

  • Old Salt
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    Your PSA is still quite low; too low in fact for any scans to be useful.

    You should seek the counsel of a medical oncologist as to what to do next. I do predict that he or she will recommend another PSA test to see if the trend continues. Alternatively, another round of androgen deprivation therapy right now.

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    Thanks Old Salt. Nice to hear you are still monitoring and posting. Hope you are doing well.

    I do have an appointment with my Oncologist, inadvertently said urologist.

    I've had 6 months of ADT but have read the 2 and 3 year ADT treatments have better results.

    I have not changed my diet. I am still a meat eater and drink 3-4 drinks 3-4 nights of the week. Do you think these habits are a bad thing that I need to change regarding my cancer?

  • On_A_Journey
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    Hi there,

    The following is just my opinion.

    Excessive alcohol consumption is risky, we all know that, but what you consume isn't really that excessive in my book, especially if it enriches your quality of life along the way. It's all about the journey, not the destination!

    Taken to a hypothetical extreme, I don't think the argument for someone to become a vegan teetotaler fitness fanatic in order to fight their cancer is a given. Becoming that person would see a rise in testosterone which feeds the cancer. I'm also not suggesting that the best way to lower testosterone and minimise cancer growth is to become an alcoholic slob, either!

    I think you've got the balance right, as long as it makes you happy.