Advice for after orchiectomy


Hi everyone,

Well, it has been 2 weeks since my surgery to remove my left testicle.  I had a CT a couple days ago and it showed that there was no "metastatic disease" anywhere in the area.  Basically that means that I was clear of anything that might have spread around.  The only thing that did show up was in my lungs.  There were two very small nodules.  One is 2mm and the other is 4mm.  I saw my Urologist today and he really doesn't think they are anything, but he is recomending me to an Oncologist to go over a few things.  I'm not really sure what I'm trying to ask here.  I'm just more frustrated and worried than anything else.  I really don't think those little nodules are cancer, but now that he wants me to see an Oncologist, I feel a little more worried.  He said they would probably want to do a P.E.T. scan and probably radiation or one treatment of chemo.

This is all just new to me.  I've never even had a cavity and then one day all this shows up.  I'm just scared and I thought I would see if anyone had some advice on how to handle things?  Today is July 9th, 2021 and they can't get me in to see the Oncologist until August 9th.  It's mainly the waiting that kills me.  Everything takes so long and I just sit here watching the clock.

Anyway, thanks a lot. 


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    Hey Friend was wondering how everything is going for you? I hope everything turned out okay!