Left flank pain

I am currently waiting to speak with my oncologist about my latest PET scan that shows 3 areas with focal increased uptake of 4.3 to 4.7.  I am on maintenace treatment and was considered NED in Dec 2020.  I am having terrible left flank pain.  Has anyone else had this and could you please give me some idea of what this might be?  My uptakes are in my lower left lobe of my lung, my distal esophagus and T9 on my spine.  Thanks.  


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    I am not ...

    sure what you mean by flank. I had pain in my left side from spleenomegaly. Could be that I suppose.

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    You need to provide a lot more of your clinical history.  What was your form of lymphoma ? What stage ? What treatments did you receive ? Have you had any recent surguries, or known infections ?  Do you have known spinal arthritis or disease ? Were the regions you mention previously known to be diseased ?   Generally, an uptake value of 4.7 is not considered worrisome, but of course interpreting any test or scan can be done only by your doctors.

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    I looked up flank ....

    My pain was under and slightly below the rib cage. Spleenomegaly could could be your problem. It should show up on a CT. My speen is 15% enlarged even though I had my last chemo about 2.5 years ago.  Do you have a bulge in your abdomen on the left side? 

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    Flank pain was my primary symptom before I was diagnosed with DLBCL. That doesn't mean that's what you have, but it can be a symptom of that (according to my onc). I had no spleen involvement.