Terrified I have lymphoma

I am headed again to another Dr to try to get help for the health problems I have been having. I have multiple swollen painful lymph nodes on the back of my head and neck which started 4 months ago and which keep growing and multiplying. The entire back of my head and neck itch so badly!  I have also been haing shortness of breath the last few weeks.

I saw an ENT a month and a half ago who wasn't very concerned but said if the nodes were still swollen and I was still having issues in a month to contact him and he would order an unltrasound. The nodes were still swollen, so we did an ultrasound which the findings were non-specific and "most likely reactive." However, I only had two swollen nodes then and a week after the ultrasound I developed more, there are now at least 5 and they have grown, and like I said I now have shortness of breath, and it is hard to breath, and the itching at the back of my head and neck is so bad. 

This all started the same time that I got "covid arm" 8 days after the Moderna vaccine. I woke up with the worst headache I have ever had and couldn't move my neck as the lymph nodes were so swollen. I wasn't worried at first as thought it was a side effect of the vaccine, but now it has been 4 months and the nodes keep getting worse and growing. I sometimes feel that I have swollen nodes in my chest, breasts and stomach too. Having these symptoms for 4 months is concerning as the nodes are not getting better. What else could it be besides lymphoma?

I have been to three Dr.s and now am on my way to the 4th. I am terrified this is lymphoma as what else could cause these swollen nodes and itching for so long and shortness of breath. 

Can lymph nodes with lymphoma be painful? 



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    Please …

    See an oncologist.

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    Unfortunately I am unable to

    Unfortunately I am unable to see an oncologist unless I am referred. 

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    Have you actually asked for a referral? Another approach might be to go to the emergency room or county health department and tell them your concerns and ask to see an on duty oncologist.IMHO this should not be happening to you. Good luck.