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I am 2 years in remission, has anyone had bladder /urine issues? I do have an appointment with a urologist . It's very annoying , if I drink to much water I'm going all the time and I have to go every hour to hour and a half , if I don't drink enough the same issue. So far I have been tested for UTI and they all come back negative, so that's not it. I read a possible long term affect after radiation. I'm glad I did schedule with a urologist. 


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    yes, I have bladder issues and it is from the radiation(my radiationoncologist verified thihs--of course, after the treatment!).  I have to pay attnetion to what I am drinking...coffee, sets things off.  When I go out(before the pandemic) I made sure I went to the bathroom before I left...if I went to a movie, I didn't drink anything in the theater and I became aware of rest room locations;the pandemic created a problem, because I didn't want to use any public restrooms.  I am finding I am having to go during the night once or twice.  I don't know what I would do if I went on a long trip that involved sitting in one place for more than 2-3 hrs. I wear a pad at night and sometimes when I go out.

    I am supposed to do some kind of kegel exercise, but I keep forgetting.  I think I may make an appointment with a urogynocologist to see if there are other ways to deal with this issue.


    It is very annoying, but many people who have had elvic radiation have problems with fecal leaking which I think is more distressing.

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    Thank you for responding , I

    Thank you for responding , I did reach out to the radiation department where I had my cancer treatments , I'm suppose to be hearing from someone to help me strengthen my pelvic and vagina muscles. I hate this ?. I see a urologist in the next few weeks. I had a good day yesterday , no urgency , no urinating ever hour. I get those days every now and then . Today not a good day . I have been really watching my diet, doing my aerobics everyday . Thank you for responding 

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    I finished treatment 2 1/2

    I finished treatment 2 1/2 years ago and I have a problem of urine leakage.  It's not a lot, just a constant small spot daily onn panties.  Doubt anything could be done about it other than wearing a panty liner.