I had my scans

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I had my scans I was Ned that spot in my lung never change they believe it's scar tissue so time to celebrate 


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    Congrats! Good results always

    Congrats! Good results always welcome.

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    Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Yes, yes, yes!!!



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    That is great news! Yes, celebrate!

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    Happy celebration

    Catch your breath, relax and enjoy!  



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    Thank you

    Thank you 

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    Yohoo!beer time

    Yohoo!beer timeTongue Out

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    Great news.  Hope you get

    Great news.  Hope you get reports like that all the time.

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    Great news!!

    Congratulations!! That is the best news I've heard today!!

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    Thank you

    Thank you 

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    That's wonderful news!!!

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    Congratulations on NED

    So happy to hear!