My Lenvima/Keytruda experience so far - please share yours



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    Donna, how have you been doing?

    I hope you are doing ok. We have not seen your smiling face for a while. 



    I echo your sentiments,

    I echo your sentiments, Denise.  Donna, I hope you are doing ok and would love to hear from you. 


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    Thank you, Ladies!

    I really enjoyed your posts; so sweet! I finally came to a point where all the chemo I tried wasn't working for long and had side effects. My last chemo was 5/17/21. I did feel better for a couple of months. We finally took our trip to Bois Blanc Island, Michigan just SE of McKinaw Island. Our kids own a house up there. It was nice and cool with few people. A couple f weeks later my fatigue increased, then pain. I don't do much anymore. On the 18th I will see the oncologist and hopefully get some more of those palliative care pills to help me. I still feel blessed, but it can be hard at times.

    Thank you for all your love and care!


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    Grace and courage


    thank you for the update, although it is hard to read how things are progressing for you. You have shown so much grace and courage while you've been here. I hope that you don't have to wait until the 18th (more than two weeks!) to get the palliative care you need. If you have pain now, you need relief now! ((Hugs))

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    Earlier check-in with doctor?


    I agree with MAbound. You have a birthday and anniversary coming up soon and also visits with family scheduled. You don't want to be in pain for those important occasions, besides just daily living. Please consider checking if your doctor can write a prescription to tide you over until you see him in a couple of weeks.

    And thank you for coming back to update us. You've been one of the pioneers here in terms of chemo alternatives and so good about reporting how each one affected you.  I think of you often. I'm very sorry that your current situation isn't better, but I'm glad to hear that you're surrounded by family right now.