I have been taking the second generation daily pill of Imbruvica which is BRUKINSA ( zanubrutinib) with has

very good sucess reported in bring down IGM and mine went down a 1000 in 2 weeks. So Iam hopeful.

Anyone else on Brukinsa or side affects? 







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    side effects


        My husband was on Ibrutinib for Mantle Cell but became intolerant (A-Fib, extreme fatigue, severe stomach pains, etc.).  He goes to Dr. Michael Wang at MD Anderson who put him on Revlimid/Rituxan which worked for 3 years as of Nov '20. He is now in a clinical trial with Loxo 305.  It is also a BTK inhibitor and in the brutinib family but less toxic and less side effects.  He has been on it since January and immediatly went back into remission after 4 or 5 relapses.  He still has fatigue, diarrhea and constipation at times and stomach pain but not near as bad as with IB.  I know this doesn't really answer your question, but Zanubrutinib I believe is the last BTK inhibitor to be used before Loxo (which I believe is now called Pirtobrutinib). Not sure if it will be used for WS or not but it is very successful and researchers are encouraged. With you evidently  only on your first go round it seems that you will do well on Zanu. My husband's Ki67 started at 40 at diagnosis 10 yrs. ago and is now 87. Dr. Wang told him there were no more target drugs or chemo that would work but since IB never quit working he tried Loxo and he is doing very well.  Hope this helps a little or at least gives you some hope for the future.  We are fighting a couple of bad guys. Sounds like you are hanging in there and have the right attitude.

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    Your post was very helpful. My husband, age 82, diagnoised WS 2015, coming off Velcade(borteomib) & going on Zanubrutinib. Yes you have given me hope for the future