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Are there any discussions on this topic? I have stave IV small cell from the prostate what has matastized to the peritonea cavity.



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    Hello, MediaGuy

    I normally hang out on the uterine board which is very active, but I always look to see if there are new posts here. I think I posted here several months ago and there has been nothing new since. Sadly, this board is very, very quiet. I'm sure you've been on the prostrate board. I hope they're more active and someone can help you! What you might try is to go to the prostrate board and try some keywords in the search bar. It will/could take you to a list of threads related to your topic (within that particular board). I'd try several things, like peritoneal, or spread, or metastasis...start out a little more specific & if you're not getting anything, then you can narrow your search. 

    I was diagnosed in August 2020 with Fallopian tube cancer and secondary in my pelvis. So after second surgery, Stage II with 4 tiny tumors in the peritoneal lining of my pelvis. There is little to find about peritoneal cancer on the internet, and it's not very good.

    I wish you the very best. I'll help you if I can!

    ?, Alicia