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Where is the best place to find current side effect data on the different ADT treatments , SBRT radiation and bracytherapy? I am 84, Gleason 8 and need to decide

on ADT followed by SBRT


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    Here is a link for ya....

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    That combo is surprising

    ADT plus SBRT plus brachytherapy is a surprising combo, because SBRT was designed to mimic high dose brachytherap, but delivered by external beam.

    ADT plus IMRT (regular beam radiation) plus a boost from either brachytherapy or SBRT is a more expected treatment plan.

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    Bad sentence structure

    Hi there,

    I think he means;

    Where is the best place to find current side effect data on the different ADT treatments or SBRT radiation or brachytherapy?

    These are the three possible options that he has on the table, he has to decide which card to pick up.

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    What is your present situation?


    You did not share details of your present situation but at your age you need to choose carefully. 84 years old young guys are typically recommended for not treating the cancer but treating the symptoms. Radiation therapy is used In particular solo to alleviate pain or to lower the burden of some portion of the cancer. PCa treatments for older patients are chosen with palliative intent, avoiding nasty consequences that would deteriorate the quality of life.

    Hormonal therapy is typically recommended for older patients but based on protocols that will not cause much side effects. In this regard, lowering the testosterone may not be the best solution due to the hypogonadism effects. Antiandrogens like bicalutamide (Casodex) seem to be more appropriate as it manages to control the bandit with lesser side effects. Surely any Gleason score 8 is aggressive and one must treat it but it is known that Gleason score 8 are difficult to treat even with aggressive approaches.

    At 84 one would expect you to have other illnesses which should also to be considered when deciding on a therapy. I would recommend you to consult a medical oncologist which is the doctor appropriate to care when interaction of drugs are in play.

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