Heading in to second chemo infusion-Port, ice packs and other misc questions

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Reccurrence of endometrial cancer. Stage IIIb. Treatment plan is Chemo then Radiation then Chemo again. I'm having Taxol and Carboplatin for Chemo.

Infusion sessions 6-7 hours long. Just got a port inserted a few days ago. It doesn't feel great-still tender. Someone suggested I should apply numbing cream before infusion. I got a prescription from oncologist. How exactly do I apply it? Doesn't feel like it wants to be touched at this point. Still tender from being inserted. Also, how exactly does a port get used? Will they cut me open to access it?

I've heard about using ice packs on hands and feet to head off neuropathy. Has anyone done that? Does it help? How long do 
you ice for? The whole time of infusion? Do I start it before infusion or while its happening?

What do people use mints for? Ive seensuggestions to have mints on hand. What is that for?

Am very nervous about side effects. 6-7 hours seems like a long time/ a lot of drugs. I came through round one okay but I hear round 2 will be more challenging. any tips?


Thank you!


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    Numbing Cream

    My wife had her port put in and on the first attempt to use it, it malfunctioned. It was kinked. It was newly installed and was still very tender. They gave her a prescription for Lidocaine and Prilocaine cream. They told her to apply the cream and put a piece of plastic wrap over it and it would absorb into the skin. She hasn't tried it yet but we are ready for Monday.

    They will clean the area of skin above the port very well and then insert a needle through the skin and the port access. They can draw blood and give fluids through the port. They will use a saline solution to make sure it is clean and functional. As you heal from the surgery it will get less tender.

    There is a thread under the Colon/Rectal section of the forum that addresses icing. The consensus from people who post on that forum is the cold sensitivity side effect will make that impossible.

    The mints will help with dry mouth. I bought sugarfree candies for my wife to have during her treatments.

    Best wishes with your treatment!



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    My port was very uncomfortable the first use and second use I had a nurse use numbing crewmen which was helpful. I think the biggest thing is that it stayed in after the initial prick I needed it for 3 days. I also asked for RX prescribed crememe but haven’t had to use it net. Not sure about the mints.