2nd liver surgery

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My dad had his second liver surgery yesterday. He feels much better than with the last one. It is a good sign when he calls my mom after surgery. So he was not too exhausted. Last time he lost blood and was weak for a feww days.

The surgeon cut away one liver metastases. He looked and looked but could not find the second one. Maybe the PET there was false positive? I dont know but I have high trust in the doctors that they will closely monitor my dad further. My dad has some hernia. Normally you should wear a belt while having the stoma. My dad never did that because it was compressing the bag so not stool could pass. He will talk now to the stoma nurse about a belt with a whole.

My moms birthday is today and I talked with my dad about the fact that he was also in the hospital for the stoma surgery last year during my moms birthday. In whole Papa feels better now. The last months were hard, 2 liver surgeries, colon surgery, 6 months of chemo but many fears or questions are answered. The scariest part of cancer is always the moment of the diagnosis, the fear and anxiety when the doctors did not present you a plan yet. It gets better and better with each step you take. I was so scared when my dad had his first chemo. I still dont like chemo but he did not have these big side effects. He could eat, drink, slept a lot. 

My dad regularly gets tested in hospital for covid. I dont know why they check stool and urine... My dad was joking that maybe he could get vaccinated there... He is in group 2 so I hope he will get it soon. My grandma, 82, already is completely vaccinated. I will get my second dose 2nd of March and I cant wait for it. I will never take it for granted again to use my stethoscope...



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    Wonderful news!

    Wonderful news!

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    I am happy to hear that his liver surgery is over, and hopefully he is really done with it. He certainly has been through the mill. 

    I hope that he continues to heal well, and bounces back soon.  

    Wish your mum a happy birthday from me.  I do so hope that she gets a treat, it sounds like she very much deserves that; and may next years birthday be home with your dad instead of him being in the hospital. 


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    Wishing your dad a continued good recovery and your mom a happy birthday! 

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    So glad to hear that your dad is feeling so much better.  Wishing him a speedy recovery and that the surgery was a complete success.