Robotic surgery was tolerable

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Had my robotic assisted partial nephrectomy and it wasn't too bad. There was some pain coming out of anesthesia and I had 5/10 on the pain scale for some hours even with meds but I made it okay. Now I'm at home healing up. One physician described these surgeries as "well tolerated" procedures. That's what I'd say. Small tumor had not grown or spread to lymph nodes, negative margins and no evidence of systemic disease.


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    Good news on all fronts hope.

    Good news on all fronts hope.  Happy for you.

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    Good news on all fronts hope.

    Good news on all fronts hope.  Happy for you.

    Thanks Bay Area Guy! Reading

    Thanks Bay Area Guy! Reading the experiences on this board helped in my decision to go with surgery over cryoablation. I really didn't want to do surgery but the surgeon seemed great over the 1 star rated interventional radiologist. If done right I think cryo and surgery now have similar outcomes I just went with my gut that my surgeon would be better than than the IR  to get everything out. The IR gave me a questionable vibe and had bad ratings on the physician rating sites and was a graduate of a foreign medical school with many complaints about unsuccessful procedures. The surgeon was impeccably rated and Ivy League medical school graduate with hundreds of robotic surgeries under his belt. The way he handled everything from the first visit was so professional. If I could have found a John's Hopkins or Cleveland Clinic trained IR I would have done cryo. I just didn't feel comfortable with the IR who sat me down in a used equipment room to go over the procedure. I do think physician training matters and if you have someone available from a top rated medical school with top rated outcomes, go with that.

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    Comfort and confidence in

    Comfort and confidence in your doc, particularly one who is cutting into you, is incredibly important.

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    Congratulations. Im happy for you that everything went well.  For me, experience is at the top of the list for choosing most doctors, especially surgeons and oncologists.  I hope you recover quickly.

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    Glad it was OK

    I wasn't lucky enough to have Robotic, but they cut it out of there, and there, and there!

    Take care of yourslf and be patient with healing.  Don't over-do on the day you are on top of the world, or it will come back to remind you that you've had surgery.




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    Congratulations isn't that

    Congratulations isn't that the best outcome, let's focus on the recovery and a party!

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    You did it!

    Well done! Hope your healing goes smoothly! 

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    Glad it's all behind you now

    Glad it's all behind you now except for the healing and routine maintenance of scans.

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    Glad that's over, right? Here's to a steady recovery and Ned reports from now on!