Top cancer centers in or near michigan ?

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              So my dad's oncologist has been all over the place from telling my dad he is stage 4 with lifelong chemo needed to telling my dad he is stage 3 with so little cancer left on his tailbone it can't be seen on a scan . It honestly just seems like the oncologist is in over his head cause of my dad's NF disease . With another scan in about a week I been talking to my dad about us needed clear answers he agreed and if the oncologist doesn't have clear information for us about this scan we are going to look somewhere else . My dad has been to University of Michigan and he lost trust in them when they made him wait 3 months causing his cancer to grow . So I was wondering does anyone know of top cancer centers in or near michigan ? We are willing to travel some but not super far since my dad refuses to fly I know of a few but want to make sure I'm not missing any my fear is how can my dad make the right choices for him without clear information from the oncologist ? So I just want to have some other options just in case the have no answers for us this next scan thanks . 


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    For MSK, you send all scans

    For MSK, you send all scans and reports, chemo regime, bloodwork ect first.  Then they will give you an opinion on what they find and might see you if he is willing to fly.  I believe there are programs in place where they will pay for his flight round trip and lodging but its just for him.  


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    Henry Ford Hospital

    All my treatment was done at Henry Ford Cancer Center in Bloomfield Hills.  It is an awesome center with some of the top doctors in Michigan.  They treated me like one of a kind, personable, very attentive and listened to all my concerns all the way around.  See if your father would qualify to get an opinion there.  Henry Ford also has other locations throughout SE Michigan.  It might be worth it.


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    Does anyone know does getting a 2nd opinion have to go threw my dad's oncologist now ? Should we bring it up at the next appointment or can we just call somewhere and set it up ? I know CTCA who I have spoken to said we could just set it up threw them but idk if everyone works that way .