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    Always a choice

    Just as we make choices on our treatment for cancer, we each will be making a choice regarding the vaccine.

    They are both influenced by our personal circumstances and beliefs.

    There is no right or wrong, as long as we make our choice based on being informed.

    Unfortunately, there will probably come a time in the not too distant future where others will want to force that choice to be take the vaccine.  I know that some employeers will make it manditory for a person to come back to work, and the school systems are already discussing manditory for returning to in school studies...even though it has not been well tested on those under 16 years old.

    All of us must be careful about the news we read.  When in doubt, talk to your medical folks, who hopefully know you best.

    May all avoid the matter how that is accomplished.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    Pamness. totally agree with

    Pamness. totally agree with you. i will be getting vacine as soon as it is available here in New Zealand. why would i not? my cancer was caused by a virus... Sealed 

    and while i am waiting for the vacine to get here masks, gloves, social distancing, hand sanitiser & hand washing, flu jabs, vitamin D, C 's name it, i'm doing it , not only for me but for everyone i love ~ and we haven't even got the virus here in the community in New Zealand. and we are doing our best not to either.


    Stay safe 

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    I Am Not For Now

    I would get the vaccine, not a problem.  In fact I was offered it.  

    The reason why I am not getting it right now is for a few reasons.

    The major one is that vaccines and the distribution is still early.  There is a long way to go and right now there is effectively a shortage for all intents and purposes.  My wife is a front line worker in a hospital (She got her first one) and people like her need the vaccine.  I am allso part of the 911 system, an EMT,  amd I know EMTs who are having issues getting a vaccine.  I will continue to isolate as much as possible. There are a couple of tangential issues that MAY (not definate) but MAY apply to people on chemotherapy.  Not in terms of being dangerous as much as chemo makes it less effective. 

    I had the flu shot, no issue. I would take the Covid vaccine if it was readily available.

    I was also in a drug trial and tried to get into another drug trial.  I have another drug trial I am jumping into when my current chemo stops working.  In terms of adverse effecsts and "danger" these cancer drug trials are a heck of a lot riskier than where we are now with the vaccine.  The chemotherapy we subject ourselves to is scarier, at least to me.


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    I'm getting it ASAP. My

    I'm getting it ASAP. My hospital sent out notices that they will be in touch when it is my time. I don't know what group I'll be in since I'm not currently showing signs of disease.

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    Found out today one of my dr

    Found out today one of my dr's got the second shot last week and he is so sick and having mental/concentration issues also.

    I am waiting to see what Johnson & Johnson comes out with also.  They claim theirs will not be so severe.  We'll see.

    As for now it was recommended that I not take it.  

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    I'm getting it. I miss being

    I'm getting it. I miss being able to hug and kiss my family. If the vaccine will help me, I will get it. I mean, if I'm willing to inject poison to fight cancer, what's a little ole vaccine.

    I know there are lots of people who are anti-vaccine and I respect their opinion. My concern is if we all don't get it, will the virus mutate and get worse? Pretty scary thought. But everyone is different. Good luck to all!


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    Original Swine Flu

    I was in the military in 1977 and was forced (ordered) to receive the swine flu vaccination.  At the time there was considerable debate about the effects of the vaccine (death) and that was concerning.  However, my greater objection was just like Tru's - I don't like needles.  I complied and I survived with no effects.  INCIDENTALLY, I HAVE NOT HAD ANOTHER FLU SHOT SINCE THEN NOR HAVE I HAD THE FLU SINCE THEN.  Could be genetics, lifestyle or luck.  Regardless, I will decline the Covid vaccine.

    My place in life (healthwise) is also a factor.  My rectal cancer is in remission and I am not undergoing any chemo/radiation treatment.  If I were then I would probably reconsider.

    In my opinion, the choice of receiving the vaccine should remain with the individual.  Present the facts, void of politicalization, and let the individual citizen consider the risk/reward in the context of his/her situation.



    I am so happy to see you and very glad you are well!

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    Information on Vaccine From MSK

    Intersting including discussion of research and what is being looked at.

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    Thank you for posting that. i

    Thank you for posting that. i am going to ask my oncologist what he thinks i should do . whatever he recomends i am going to do it. 

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    Thank you for posting that. i

    Thank you for posting that. i am going to ask my oncologist what he thinks i should do . whatever he recomends i am going to do it. 

    I was the same. I was

    I was the same. I was hesitant until I spoke to my oncologist and he explained why he thought it was safe for me. Obviously, you can never be 100 sure of anything.

    I mean oxaliplatin sent me on a journey with the rapid response team to Emergency Dept on the 6th round, and then for the next year, kept me alive by shrinking and keeping my liver tumors to foci cells.