Non treated Lymphoma hair loss

I'm currently being monitored like many others with lymphoma.  Since being diagnosed Nov 2, 2020 actually maybe a month or so before I've been losing more hair then usual.  
I was sick the whole month of Oct with an infection treated with antibiotics. 
I've read a lot about chemo/radiation hair loss but there isn't much on non treated lymphoma hair loss  

Anyone else have this?  Or any information regarding this   
I appreciate any information you might share 


Be well




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    Stress, a likely culprit

    ... along with a seasonal phenomenon, perhaps, it can quite easily explain an increase in your usual hair loss. People under significant stress will occasionally lose parts of their eyebrows as well.

    You may want to discuss that hair loss (if it is indeed spectacular) with your GP. It is also possible that you have been especially vigilant on any physical changes since starting on the diagnostic path, as you are -understandably - on high-alert mode right now.

    If your blood test results did indeed show major imbalance, you would likely have been told that your case required treatment.

    Being handed a cancer diagnosis can be distressing, and takes some adjusting to. If you have not until now been practicing relaxation techniques, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, etc., you could find them helpful in coping.

    I hope this helps.