Good news!

Hi everyone, I received good news today, my indolent mantle cell lymphoma is in full remission for the first time  since diagnosis three years ago. My oncologist said the PET scan detected 'no active disease'. I've been in a clinical trial since February at the James Cancer Center in Columbus Ohio. Just wanted to share some good news. I never thought it would happen with my type of lymphoma, it's a stubborn one. My oncologist said since I have had such a good response to the meds she thinks I could be in remission for up to 7 years. I'll take it! 


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    WOOT WOOT!!!

    CONGRATS! What wonderful news... so happy for you!

  • GGc0ok
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    Congratulations on the best news ever.  Sounds like your body knew what to do and did it.


  • po18guy
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    Excellent response!

    By all accounts, James is a great center. Your results speak for themselves. Life is good!