reactions from bug bites since radiation and chemo

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has anyone had reaction bug bites reactions such as welts? i have had both chemo and radiation and didn't know if it was caused from one of the treatments and never had this issue but since treatments. I am a survivor of 3 years out.  Wondering if either treatments would be related to why i react







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    Guard against bug bites

    Not sure, all I remember is right after surgery they told me to always guard against bug bites, etc., to protect from getting lymphadema...i.e. if the bite got infected, etc.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  I have had one bite of some sort on the side of my cancer, in the arm, and it did get a little red welt on it, and I kept it very clean and used alcohol on it.

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    Bug Bites

    Interestingly, when I was getting chemo mosquitoes avoided me!  Only time in my life I wasn't tormented by them.  I am 10 years out from treatment, and have moved to another part of the country.  Since moving here, I get bitten by something, I'm not sure what, that leaves the worst welts I have ever gotten.  They are extremely itchy and swell up bright red.  I never considered whether my sensitivity to the bites could be a lingering side affect of treatment.  Probably not this far out from treatment, but your post got me to thinking....