BEAM or LACE for Autologous stem cell transplant

Hi, I am from india, aged 41 and diagnosed with Diffuse large Bcell lymphoma with double expressor in March 2019. Got R-CHOP x 6 cycles and radiation. In August 2019, PET scan shows no disease in the whole body.

Now in June 2020, the disease relapsed and its stage IV.

Now in treatment for it and already finished 2 cycles chemo-RICE CHEMO. PET scan taken few days before and almost 90% of disease disappeared and Doctor advised to take one more RICE chemo and go for Autologous stem cell transplant.

Doctor preferred to give BEAM chemo for the transplant, which have many, painful sideeffects which i have for about a month. When i had a discussion with a other Doctor, he advised to take LACE chemo for the transplant, which will give less sideeffects than BEAM.

I am not able to take a decision to go for which drug?

please if someone knows about these, help me in this.



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    Sorry to hear this...

    ICE is indeed a regimen with heavy side effects. I avoided that by undergoing what is known as TREC. It is:

    1. Bendamustine

    2. Rituxan

    3. Etoposide

    4. Carboplatin

    It was developed as a less-toxic alternative to ICE and it appears that LACE is in that same category. Despite the side effects, there is at least some history of effectiveness of both ICE and LACE against double expressor ("double hit") B-Cell Lymphoma. You are taking a risk with any conditioning regimen, as lyphomas differ in their response - even the same type. It is a very tough decision to make. I would go withdoctor's recommendation regarding the regimen which balanced side effects (both short and long-term) against effectiveness. You might also ask about TREC if it is used in your country. It was marvelously effective in my case, but does not work for everyone.