Can I beat this as I was downgraded to Stage 3

Vegas Tommy
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Ok you Salty Dogs in Kidney Cancer world...I got a little good news today. I had changed my Oncologist and met with him today. My tumor is 8CM by 5 CM in the right kidney and there is only 

cancer in the the surrounding lymphnodes. I start Sutent tomorrow and should have kidney removed in a few months as I am trying to get it scheduled. I am only 55 and dont feel like anything is wrong

with the exception of urinating blood every now and then. Can I beat this? 5 years, 7 years, 10 years? 




  • AliceB1950
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    There are people with stage 4

    There are people with stage 4 who "beat this.". Maybe some of them will have specific advice for you.

  • donna_lee
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    And read about surviving Stage 4.

    No radiation, no cancer drugs, just surgeries.  I'm still being checked, but still here 14 years later.


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    You're gonna do great-

    If they only found cancer in your lymph nodes, that's good news - meaning you found it before it had a chance to spread further.

    They like to throw around "5 year survival rates" for the various stages, but those can be misleading. For starters, at 55, you're younger than the average kidney cancer patient, so right off the bat the odds are you've got many years ahead of you. Plus being younger and feeling good, hopefully you'll be able to handle the Sutent and the recovery better than if you were 65. 

    You'll beat this and you will have plenty of years of pizza and beer ahead of you!