Sister’s behavior

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My sister has stage IV cancer. The doctors have run out of options for her. She has a great deal of emotions which is expected. We as her family understand this and try to support her, however some of them are directed towards us. When she is angry, she becomes verbally abusive. When her behavior is called to her attention, her excuse is "I'm dying".  it's becoming more than we can take. These outburst are becoming more frequent. I don't want these to be my last memories of my sister.

Any suggestions?


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    been there

    I lost my mom to cancer and now my boyfriend has it. I remember my mom being very upset before she passed and yelled at me. That was not her and its unfortunate and hard, but don't take it to heart. You have to remember she loves you and this is a very difficult time for everyone.  

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    So sorry

    hi @dorry: so sorry to hear that about your sister. I can't imagine how hard of a time it is for you. Cry 

     How is she doing now? How are you and your family?