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My brother in law was diagnosed with brain cancer 15 months ago. A few months ago treatment seemed to work as the tumor shrunk. And then today the doctors said it grew significantly and estimated 6 months left to live. 


I am trying to be so strong for my wife because i know I need to be there for her. But this news has devastated me since the beginning. Especially after being somewhat hopeful after treatment seem to work, to do a complete 180 is gut wrenching. 


I have trouble sleeping and eating, and I can only imagine what she is going through. Normally if I’m going through a rough time I can lean on her and we will go through it together. But I feel I can’t do that now because I need to be there for her so I can help her get through this. 


Is it selfish feeling like I need help too? Do I bring it up to her? It feels like I won’t be enough of a rock because I’m so shaken by this devastating news.


What methods have you guys found to "stay strong"?


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    Family Member 6 Months to live

    I am sure there are much wiser and helpful sources of advice.  When I was diagnosed with brain cancer at 70 yrs old it was very scary not knowing what the outcome would be.  After a craniotomy, chemo and radiation it seems things have worked out for me.  I only have an inkling of what your brother in law, wife and you are going through.  Having children I learned what it is like to watch loved ones struggle while there seemed to be little I could do about it.  I learned that my wife needed to help me and to gracefully accept that help even though at times it made me feel like I was an invelid incapable of taking care of myself.  My two cents;    Honesty is the best policy.  Tell your wife exactly how you feel and try to figure out how you both can get through this trying time.  

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    brain cancer

    my aunt was just diagnosed and was given 2 to 3 weeks to live. we just stay with her and pretend we'll see her next weeks upcoming. She's all of a sudden gotten stronger and seems like the cancer is not doing much. but it's hard knowing what her brain scan looks like and wondering how is she even still with us! But every extra day is great. 

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    Have faith

    I'm sorry but only the man upstairs knows when and how our time is!!! I have 2 small boys I need to see grow up, I put my faith in God and thank him for every new morning!