Fasting for bloodwork

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Any advice on fasting?  How long, what to eat, ect.  I will have bloodwork tomorrow morning and just want to see if it will make a difference.


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    Blood work

    You really don't have to fast for blood work unless you are getting a lipid panel.   Eat light and drink water. Good luck, you are in my prayers.


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    I never bothered with fasting for the bloodwork, although they do check blood sugar.  It was always under 100 despite not fasting, except for one time they lost the blood tests and I had to do them again right after a snack (gadzooks, it takes hours to see a doctor. . . I bring snacks with me).  Then, I simply told them it was not a fasting test, and it was cool with them.

    I always figured the bloodwork should reflect my normal lifestyle, so I did nothing different for it.

    Good luck with the tests.

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    Ya, you guys are right.  They

    Ya, you guys are right.  They have never said anything about fasting.  I think I am still obsessing over last time being out of whack :)  Just a lil stressed.