Tumor fevers or the Plague

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Oh my stars this has been such a crazy time! I fell ill and went down hard. I ended up in the hospital twice the first time was only for 2 days but the let me go despite my protests for a specialist. The very next day my vitals tanked and I my O2 sats were in the low 80's. I spent 10 more days in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. Just as I get back home and Jim was not doing well. I heard it in his voice on Sunday on the phone and Monday when he picked me up he looked like dirt. Stubborn as a mule, he didn't want to call the oncologist....so Wednesday he landed in the ER with fevers of 104. He is still in the hospital but should be coming home tomorrow. No source of infection has been found and his lungs were clear. Sooooo it looks as if the 104 is just a tumor fever which none the less scared the bejesus out of us! Thank GOD he didn't get the plague that is in my house. Today I had to take my son to the doctor for an upper respiratory infection too. 

He was due in a couple of week for a CT scan but they ended up running them in the hospital.....GREAT NEWS besides no having scanziey for the next few weeks he is still responding very well to the new treatment plan. The main tumor is barely detectable now and many mets are less than half of what they were a few are completely gone and the lung met is still gone. So besides the plague, the fever and being nauseated by the all the hospital food..We are still heading in the right direction. 







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    Sounds like your whole family has been through a lot lately.  I'm sorry that you had that terrible of a fall and then spent the next 10 days in the hospital, just to get home and find hubby not doing well either.  Encouraging news on the CT scan as well.  Hope you all continue to do well and get that bug over with in your house.


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    holy ham and cheese...

    sounds like you have been through the wringer... I'm glad that you are starting to feel better and that your hubby got such great news despite feeling like he's been run over by a truck. I got the upper respitory infection that's been going around where I live and a month later I still have the cough. Hope all of you feel better soon and YIPPEE for your hubby!

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    Sorry to hear about the tough times, but also glad to hear the good news.  Hopefully the Spring weather and the sunshine will bring a turn for the better!

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    What a ride

    It sounds like you have both been on a rough roller coaster of a ride.  

    Here's hoping you're both on the up and up, and let not go that root again. 


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    Sorry to hear that

    ..but at least you traded illness in time to take care of each other.  Wowser!   Hope you are both well soon.  Congrats on the shrinking mets