APR repair for butt hernia

Good Morning

I am looking for suggestions/ people that have gone thru this.

I have stage 3 colorectal cancer and had a APR with colostomy done

Now I am having issues with butt hernia and the plan is to take muscle from my thigh and put it in my butt to repair (at this pont they will not use mesh)

It is called a APR repair

i hear it is painful

Questions I have:

What can I do to minimize the pain

What is realistic recovery time

Any/all suggestions to help make this go smooth


Thank you in advance.. 




  • Trubrit
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    Welcome to the forum, Chester

    I have not had APR, but other members here have, so I will let them address your questions.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum  little cutie says hello smiley.


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    Thanks for the welcome.  Am

    Thanks for the welcome.  Am hoping someone can give me it strait...   :(


  • Annabelle41415
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    Welcome to the board.  I'm not familiar with your particular procedure, so I'm not able to help you.  There have been so many people with different situations here, so I'm hoping someone can answer your question.  If you can ask your doctor a little more about it, maybe you would feel more comfortable knowing what to expect.  Hopefully someone will chime in soon to answer you.  Wishing you the best.