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Hi Everyone, I'm new here. I think I accidentally posted this on another thread. My apologies. I am currenttly waiting on results to see if my stage 3 colon cancer has returned after 3 years and spread to my liver & spleen. I live in the greater Philadelphia area and originally went with the Crozer system. My site had a partnership with Fox Chase.  My oncologist is leaving for another hospital system, and while I love my doctor, that hospital is not really known for cancer. I'm looking to go to Fox Chase, Abramson at Penn Medicine, Jefferson, or maybe MD Anderson Cooper in Camden, NJ. Does anyone have any experience with any of those centers? 



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    I am not familar, but perhaps

    I am not familar, but perhaps you shoudl look at the largest teaching hospitals , or highest ranked for cancer.  See this ranking chart.


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    Welcome to our group and I'm so glad you found us.  There are a lot of people here from different areas of the US so I'm sure someone will chime in regarding those hospital that you mentioned.  It would be a great help if the doctor that is moving could make a referral to you as to whom he/she thinks that should follow up with your care.  Usually they will know of another professional in their expertise that they are comfortable recommending.  I'd just ask them what they think.  My personal doctor gave me some very great doctor's names when asking.  Come back here with any questions you might have.  Wishing you the best moving forward.


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    Have you considered Cancer

    Have you considered Cancer Treatment Centers of America? I know nothing about the hospital or quality of care other than they specialize in treatment. And they have a center in Philly.


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    I went to MD Anderson in

    I went to MD Anderson in Houston, and I loved them. Very professional, and each staff member truly acted like they cared. I was not treated like a number or a medical file.

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    My husband goes to MD

    My husband goes to MD Anderson in Houston (we live in WV). His team is amazing there. Everyone from oncologist to volunteers have gone over and beyond any care he received at home. We've had better communication and over all quality of care from MDA. I don't know about your location, but they have been a saving grace for my husband's care. On the really long hard days of test after test a kind and compassionate staff makes a difference. I have no doubt had we not gone to MDA my husband would not be doing as well and living life. 

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    Did not like Penn. Only when I stopped treatment for a 2nd opinion did the Oncologist decide to respect me. Before I rarely saw her.