So Thankful For All Of You...


To know I can come here and alway find a hand to hold is priceless....thank all of you. I am so humbled by the genuine love and concern I "feel" from the members on this board. I wanted to post just to answer some questions I found in the posts you left for me...Two small nodules were noted in June when I had a scan but we decided to wait and check to see if they were still there or had grown. A chest scan was not ordered in Septemeber. The focus had been so strong on my liver that I don't think much concern was given to the lung. The nodules I have now are scattered thru both lungs to answer a question that was asked. My oncologist said he thought radiation in so many different areas would damage to much lung tissue. I will be having a second opinion from the MUSC in Charleston so I will give some thought to everything until then. It seems doctors can be all over the page and each with his own's crazy. This isn't what I asked Santa to leave under the tree for sure, lol. It other way to call it. Mentioning chemo doesn't anger me or upset me. I just wrestle with weighing it all out and that is so hard to do because one "potion" doesn't work for everyone. It is such a huge gamble in so many ways. When you don't have a lot of other options on the table, it's hard to know what the right call is. Right now I can only do and think "moments"...looking ahead or behind I just can't do right now. Huge hug and much love to you all!!

P.S. Pic of my "blanket" who adopted me while I am staying at my daughter's. Puffin is a 3 legged shelter cat she adopted a couple of months ago. He is a love bug and a 'survivor".. makes me smile on my worst days.



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    here at the beach i am

    here at the beach i am thinking of you in the mountains and sending you Aroha & Prayers that you continue healing . 

    There has been a lot in the news about a new drug called CF33 which is having really good results & human trials are starting on all cancers next year. If their work continues in humans the way it is has been going so far it will be a huge breakthrough in how cancers are treated. Here is a link if you are interested in reading about it.  might help. who knows but knowledge is power.

    Kia kaha ~ stay strong . you've got this my friend plus love your cat. Best love from them.



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    I'm thankful for all of you too.  It's just sometimes reassuring that you have a board you can come to for some understanding.  I'm not sure what you are going through, but this group is always in my thoughts and prayers.  Hope you get some answers that you can be comfortable with in the next appointment.