All is well from Disneyland

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yAs most of you are aware I had my surgery to remove my Prostate in Orlando back on September 30. Today I got the resuly of my 6 week post seugery PSA   whych was undetectabl or for lack of a better worh, Ned.  My wife thinks seeing a Urulogist regularly as a result of Kidney Cancer led to earlier detection and may have saved my life. As for comparing the 2 surgerues yhr Peostate was much easier amd had a much quicker recoveryexcept fot minot side effects.







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    Glad to hear this icemantoo.  Rest well and wishing you speedy recovery..... and agreed with your wife......we really need to be very vigilant on our annually checkup and continuous scanning!!

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    Good for you iceman your wife 100% was right ....lucky again !! and let's keep it that way 

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    Congrats, Icemantoo! 

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    Congratulation, Iceman! Here's hoping that you get well soon after your recent surgery!

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    Good to hear.....enjoy your

    Good to hear.....enjoy your trip at my favourite place in the world.

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    Congratulations! Most of us

    Congratulations! Most of us had no doubt you will be fine, Iceman! Lot's of NEDs to you both on kidney and prostate front!

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    So glad that everything is going well!


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    My age is showing

    It is 4 mile outsude the Main Gate of Disney World where I had my Prostate sjrgery not Disneyland in California which I visited in 1961.







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    So happy to hear all is well.

    So happy to hear all is well. Congrats and celebrate!

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    Glad all is well.  Keep it going.

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    Congratulations thats good to

    Congratulations thats good to hear. Many more NED’s to come.

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