Cyberknife Five Year Update

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When I reflect upon my journey since coming to the forum in 2013, it's hard to believe it's been 5 years since I completed SBRT (commonly known as Cyberknife) treatment in 2014. Many years ago, my now 95 year old father would remind me how quickly times passes with every year. And yes...he was right...again!!

I've been less active on the forum than I was leading up to and immediately following my treatments - and that in large part is because I am one of the fortunate ones here. As an otherwise very healthy 62 year old in 2013, I faced a diagnosis of prostate cancer and how to treat. I had so many questions - but, for me - my good fortune was that my cancer was a low grade and very treatable. Despite the fact that 3 of 18 cores were cancerous, I considered active surveillance as an option to treatment. I took the time to get 2nd opinions and to self educate - something that is critical for every man that faces what we have faced. And yes, regrettably, there are those that don't (or didn't) have the luxury of time to wait that I had. So I write this today with the hope that I can reach those with time to discern. I hope that my story in some small way may assist someone with their treatment decision. That's what this forum gave me, and even though I'm no longer active I remain forever grateful to those that offer so much here. 

The 5 year results -- Around my anniversary date in September, I met with my oncologist at Georgetown. My post Cyberknife numbers have been so consistantly good since over these years, he considers me now to be cancer free. PSA is .042 and testosterone is a acceptable 547. I can live with that Smile.

All the best everyone.

Regards, CC52 

Links to my story for those so inclined:

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    Great news!

    Hey CC52,

    Thanks for dropping in and letting us know how well you are doing.  I know your report will be very encouraging to new posters who have been recently diagnosed.



  • VascodaGama
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    Time flies


    I am glad for knowing that you are satisfied with your choice to treat the bandit. The PSA of 0.04 at the 5th year post therapy is really low for someone that got the gland in place. I like the expression in "cancer free" used by your doctor. Congratulations.

    Your comment on time as seen by your dad stroked my attention because it became a common theme in conversation with my wife. I turned 70 and I've the feeling that each Saturday is coming faster that before. Probably my mind is playing a trick on me but according to science, time passes faster when we get stuck on the same routine and we aren't learning anything new. Surely hours seem to pass faster when we are enjoying something, not when we feel bored. I also feel amazed for the 9 years attending this forum. It looks more like 9 months.
    Some how, I feel that I need to disconnect from my present routine and start planning some sort of trips or adventures (not to the doctor please!).

    Best wishes,



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    Congratulations and Thank You CC52

    Congratulations on your currently successful PCa journey, and thank you for your contributions to this Forum.

    May your continued journey remain successful.

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    I'm glad to read of you successful outcome. I vividly remember your posts and interface with you. You really did your due diligence and it paid off. congratulations!!!