I won twice, working on #3 now.

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After years of targeted chemo pills I won the battle against my cancer. NED 5/24/2018.  Once a year check ups for 5 yrs, that's how confident my doctors are that I am a winner. And I started noticing things. Odors that no one else admits to smelling are phantom odors and will go away in 6-9 mos. Oh, and I personally stink, all cancer patients have a chemical odor that is quite repulsive to people, add to that chemo and we smell like that guy who cooks meth. And no body tells us because there's nothing we can do about it, it would just hurt our feelings. Well, I would have appreciated knowing that I have an odor that is really that bad, and what it smells like. To understand is better than just to be discussed, I would have tried a little harder on the odor. Or at least been able to joke about it. And although the chemo makes you crave sugar like a demon its vegtables your body wants and lots of them in light butter and cheese sauces so overcooked tht they slide down the throat.

And the nasty sores in the mouth and throat heal up first and stay gone, YEA!!! And I am still sleeping 12-23 hrs on some days, just so tired. And neuropathy is a thing that with some tenderness to yourself it is supposed to go away.

My phantom odors are turpentine and chlorine, the worst, I had my apartment manager searching for an elusive meth lab. How embarrassing.  


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    Wonderful news!

    So happy to hear you've beat the odds! As for the odor I noticed a certain smell on my husband for at least a year before he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer. If I would of known then that people with cancer do give off a certain odor I would of pushed him into going to the doctor and maybe it wouldn't have been so advanced. Your the first person to say there is a odor. I asked his doctors about this and they just shake their heads at me as if I'm nuts. I have a very sensitive nose and my husband smelled and I kept telling him to go shower again and he said most people don't even shower once a day and he was doing it 2 if not 3 times a day. I can't even describe the odor, it's not body odor like sweat or that you haven't bathed in weeks he just didn't smell like he always has. His clothes even smelled after I washed them so I bought different soap and that didn't work so I threw out alot of his T-shirts thinking the smell was just embedded in them. Funny thing is he was on a clinical trial and after a few rounds of it the smell went away and then one day I smelled it again and I knew even before he had his CT Scan it had stopped working and their was growth again and sure enough a couple of weeks later it showed it was growing again. So at least now I know I'm not nuts because you've apparently had the same isssues. Again great news on being NED!!!

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    Well, I won that battle.

    And another battle, and this is the third cancer battle now. I had an abnormal scan January 2019 and again July 2019. We knocked out January's and this January we plan to knock out July's finding, and at the end of the MRI I am hoping for an Unremakable Liver finding, which will set the pace for 5 more years.