Lymphadema after Radical Prostatectomy

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My RP was three weeks ago.  For at least the last two weeks, I have had swelling in the right leg.  Now, there continues to be significant swelling, pain and tightness in the right foot and ankle.  Also, toes and foot have red and purple coloring.  My PCP ordered an ultrasound about ten days ago that was negative for blood clot.  The foot and ankle are not improving.  The first appointment I can get with a lymphadema therapist is not until next week.  This is causing me a lot of anxiety.  I have done a lot of research on the internet.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  I am wondering if this will last several weeks and if the leg will ever return to normal.


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    Dear JFG,

    I really have no info to add, other than my quick read on the subject at the Mayo Clinic website.  I just wanted to respond to tell you how sorry I am that you are going through this.  Hopefully the therapist will have some solutions for you.  Hang in there.



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    Exercising and massaging of the legs for the moment


    Lymphedema due to the dissection of the nodes in radical prostatectomies is not common but it is one of the risks in prostate cancer radical treatments (RP or RT). I believe that many of us got it but the symptoms were so mild that it was unnoticed or unreported. Lymph fluid builds in certain areas of the body causing swelling that may occur localy or at far places like the legs. I had open surgery (9 lymphs removed) which made me to stay in the hospital longer. There we followed the protocol regarding recuperation in all fronts. On my first day while at the recuperating room, in bed, my lower legs and feet were wrapped into an air compression massager to prevent lymphedema. From the second day I walked along the hospital corridors which may have prevented any build up of fluids. I think that you can try exercising your legs while waiting for the consultation. In this link you may read some facts on the problem;

    Best wishes for quick improvements.


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    Same as VdG, I had sequential

    Same as VdG, I had sequential compression device with leg wrapped and squised intermittently, one leg at the time. 

    That sure helped. Also, walking helps drain it and when sitting, elevate your legs on pillow and excersize  your calves while sitting by pulling your toes toward you.

    i had also 8 limph nodes removed during my RP and I had swelling of my right groin and some numbness in my right thigh ( obturator nerve manipulation during surgery). It took me about 6 weeks for groin swelling to resolve after becoming more physically active.

    Checking for clotes after any surgery is important to eliminate deep vein thrombosis.

    Hopefuly, things will start improving soon.


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    Compression stockings

    Hi there,

    I was issued with a pair of compression stockings which I put on the morning before my prostatectomy and they stayed on for a month afterwards.
    They itched like mad and I used to peel them back from time to time but I escaped any swelling in the legs.

    Best wishes,