MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES, Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma

Hi there,

has anyone been diagnosed with MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES?  It's a blood cancer that effects the skin.

it is the under the umbrella of Non-Hogkins lymphoma .


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    A few resources

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Much porogress has been made, but more needs to be done. If you are not already aware, here are a couple of very good resources:

    The T Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation

    The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

    You might try posting in the non-Hodgkin's forum, as there may be more replies there. I had two different T-Cell Lymphomas, but both were systemic. It's a rare world, no matter which type and you are well advised to seek out the best of the best in diagnosis and treatment. In the US, that can be found here:

    National Cancer Imnstitute designated comprehensive centers

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    Thank PO.....excellent sites.

    Thank PO.....excellent sites. And it truly is a strange world we live in.  I hope you are in remission and doing well.

    God Bless and thank you