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At this point I am getting obsessed with an idea of becoming NED. I have multiple mets on my lungs and chemo is not erasing them. VAT surgery and radiation are not in a table. I want to enter NED and keep it going. All they offer me chemo for life including MD Anderson. Understanding that down the line things will become worst unless I can get rid of the beast.I am stuck in the show and can’t to move on. Butt.,


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    I'm sure that this is something you are working very hard to achieve.  Some people have been on chemo for quite some time and then they become ready for surgery.  I'm not sure if this could happen for you, but hoping that it does.  Another member on this board, Phil, is on chemo for years and still goes on doing his daily things so it is still possible to be on treatment and maintain a life.  He chimes in now and then and hoping he does soon.  Hope that eventually things get better for you. 


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    Butt said:

    I thought Phil passed quite a while ago?


    I beleve you are thinking of John.   We have a few Phils, both are Stage IV and both alive and happy. 

    As for being NED, while it is a good goal to have, there is no point in obsessing over it, becasue it is not going to happen soon. Right now, you need to cncentrate on treatment and getting the mets knocked down. 

    It is a long, hard journey for some, and I fear you are one of them. 

    Try to not look too far ahead, and face what is in front of you right now. 

    NED may come, one day. We are here for you along the way. 


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    I thought Phil passed quite a while ago?