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First, I want to say thank you to each of you who offered support in a response to the last post I shared. I just want to strike out some days at the unfairness of it all but there is no one person or thing to stike out at. It's just life. My oncologist called me today to give me the replay on his conversation with my surgeon in Charleston about the spots in question on my latest CT scan. My surgeon said that two of the spots are so small that a PET scan wouldn't pick them up if they were cancer. The other spot is extremely close to the surgical margin and he felt like it could be residual healing/scarring and suggested to also wait two months and repeat the CT scan. He told my oncologist that if the spots turned out to be a recurrence that he thought we still had options. So, I am still in the sit and wait mode. I will continue to enjoy my life and bury the what if's for now. I will continue to hope and pray that the spots are residual healing/scarring from surgery until I know differently. Truly wishing each and every one here love, light and laughter to carry you thru. Hugs, M


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    Forever, as long as forever lasts

    You will always be in the watch and wait mode, regardless. It is life after (or during) Cancer.  

    I think this is pretty decent news. Run with it, for the next two months, and enjoy. 

    Are the nights peaceful in your little moutnain spot? 


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    Any news

    I am with Tru, any news that is not bad news is good news.  After surgery,  I would live my life in three month periods between scans.  I did not even buy clothes for the next season, life was so uncertain.  You can get a lot of living done between now and the next scan and it sounds like you have the right attitude to do it.  Congratulations on the absence of bad news which is good news.

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    Doesn't sound so bad as things are so small not even the PET scan can pick it up.  Enjoy your two months without having any bad news.  It's still summer so you have plenty to do during this summer before getting checked again.  Surgery can always leave behind a lot of scaring so hopefully this is all it is.


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    Same boat !

    Sharing that ride with you of waiting until the next scan--hey we are chemo free and feeling frisky lets enjoy!!