Long term bladder issues

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Richard had his APR back in March. He had issues with his bladder waking up and was on a cath for two after surgery. We saw urologist 1 Who didn’t bother doing a bladder scan, but prescribed oxibutoN( unsure of spelling). during a recent follower up At MDA we saw the urologist he did the bladder scan and said that he should not have been prescribed the first medication at home because he actually has overflow incont. Wanted Richard to self cath. Rich decided to give flowmax a try. We had another urologist scheduled so he followed up the following week with him. He did the bladder scan and sure enough he was still retaining urine. So they decided to do bladder tracing over the weekend by putting a cath in that was clamped so Richard could go to the bathroom every 3 hours. Richard has been in the hospital since Friday due to infection from the cath. Anyone have ongoing issues months after the APR. he is going to self cath. He is so frustrated I am praying this will be short term and he may get over this hump soon. My swest husband has been through so much. 


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    I havent had bladder problems

    Sorry to hear your husband is suffering with this. 

    There may be someone that has who can offer suggestions. 

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    I'm not sure how to help and can understand why he is so frustrated.  During treatment and/or surgery they really never give you the side affects that you will actually have.  They tend to bypass all that and just expect the best out of surgery and treatment.  I'm sure that your husband is beside himself with all of this as it can become so overwhelming dealing with things that haven't been explained or a good outcome.  Wishing him well.


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    That sounds frustrating. I

    That sounds frustrating. I have bladder issues but it's because I have the new fistula so not the same thing. I hope they can get this sorted out for him soon.


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    Bladder problems

    I had to have a foley and bag when I had a previous abdominal surgery - not Cancer related.  The nurses didn't do their job, and my bladder got extended and quit working. I had to do the clam thing for about a week, while it learned to work again. 

    I do have bladder issues, but they are caused by scar tissue from multiple abdominal surgeries. 

    I wish your husband well as he moves forward with yet another hurdle to cross.