Doctor says Sinus CT Scan. Scared...

Hi guys I am a 32 years old male.

About 10 days ago I woke up and felt pain on the right side of my face and head. There was itching down in my throat when swallowing saliva. And one of my lymph node under the right jaw was enlarged and had tenderness. I went to see the primary care doctor and was told I was fine. He prescribed me with antibiotics. I took them for 5 days now. The symptoms have not been worsening, but they are not getting much better either. Now I don't have any headache but still I have jaw pain and the lymph node is still there. So I saw an ENT doctor last friday and she felt my neck and checked my ear, nostrils and throat. She said I was fine and told me to finish the medication and see if I will get any better.

I messaged the ENT doctor yesterday to ask her if I need to see a dentist. She replied back saying yes and if the dentist does not find anything, she will order a sinus CT Scan for me. I got scared. Does this mean the ENT doctor is suspecting nasal or throat cancer?I can still feel itching in my ear when I swallow my saliva even though the ENT doctor said the ear was fine and there was no infection last Friday.


Thanks guys!



  • johnsonbl
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    Your ENT has probably thought of throat cancer...

    But there are a bunch of other things that can lead to weird head/neck issues.  Sounds like they are more suspicious of some sort of inflammation/infection at this point...eustacian tube involvement.  I've not heard of cancer presenting with this variety of symptoms...but never know.

    Hang in there.  I'm sure it will be something silly...


  • caregiver wife
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    Sinus infection?

    These are very difficult to treat.  Sister once had to be hospitalized for IV antibiotics.  Best wishes,


  • SuzJ
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    I am basically going thru the same tthing.

    Altho mine is allergies from hell, and possibly infected salivary glands - to which I replied? "I have salivary glands???"

    CT coming - yay *sarcasm intended*